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I grew up in Leicester, England with my Mum, Dad and younger Brother. I started swimming at the age of 5 and as I grew up I dabbled in rugby, football, basketball, track and field and jet skiing.

There came a time when I decided to take swimming more seriously. Through a vigorous training schedule I learned how to stay motivated and reach my goals. I represented Leicester, my city, at a county, regional, national and international level. This was a highlight of my swimming career.

I always wanted to be a PT. After 4 years of training, I started working as a coach at the age of 18. However, before settling into my business, I decided to go traveling. It was during my journeys that I learnt more about myself and that 'having fun' would always be valued and balanced with work in my life.

I invested in a business mentor and went 'all in' on coaching people one-on-one. With my newfound business mindset and the taste of Australia that I had during my travels, I decided to pack my bags and carry on my fitness career 'down under'.

More recently, I found a new passion and have dived into learning more about how the mind works and I apply this to my coaching practice.

I'm happy to say that I love living in Brisbane, Australia, doing what I'm passionate about; helping people achieve the goals that they desire.