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12 Week Strength Program For Students

Bradley Matthews 12 weeks strength program for students is perfect for intermediate and advanced level lifters looking to take their strength to the next level.

If you’ve been hitting the gym for some time but hit a wall, bored of your current plan or you’ve stopped making strength gains then this program can help with just that.

The program focuses on improving your overall body strength and building muscle with emphasis on the big three: squat, bench and deadlift. But that’s not all. The program includes exercises that also help towards having a proportionate physique targeting all those other important muscle groups. Having been a student I know there can be a lot of sitting so I’ve included a couple of mobility routines that you can do daily to help relieve tension and prevent knots and injuries.

It’s a 4 x per week workout routine and a lower body/upper body split.

The equipment you will need access to for this program:
Weight Plates
Resistance Bands
Pull Up Bar
Massage Ball
Leg Press Machine
Cable Machine (Rope, straight bar, handle attachments)
Lat Pull Down Machine (Long Bar, Close Grip attachments)
Smith Machine
Leg Extension Machine
Power Rack Or Rig

What the program includes:

  • 12 week strength program
  • 3 blocks of 4 weeks programming (new exercises each block)
  • Explanation of reps, sets, intensity, deload weeks
  • Strength testing explanation
  • Exercise lists with video links
  • Warm up and mobility routines


12 Week Strength Program For Students

$39.99 Regular Price
$35.99Sale Price
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