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Meal plan for fat loss

Below is a meal plan that I use to help keep my body fat down whilst maintaining strength and high energy. This is what works for me and won't work for everyone that's why below I've also done a food list so you can create your own meal plan. A usual day of eating for me: Breakfast - 3 egg omelette, mushrooms, spinach, wholemeal bread, protein shake Mid morning - Banana Lunch 1 - Wholemeal bun, Chicken tenderloins, cucumber, lettuce tomato, light sour cream Lunch 2 - Chicken tenderloins, Brocollini with garlic, Jasmine Rice,

Dinner - Salmon fillet, potatoes, avocado, green bean with garlic, tartare sauce Everyone has different energy needs. I train every day sometimes twice, I require more food than the average person. I need a good amount of energy throughout the day and still put myself through a tough training session. I don't want to lose muscle so it's also important I'm supplying my body with all the right amount of foods.

Below is a list of foods for each macro nutrient, I use a list like this when I want to swap around foods. Each meal with consist of each macro nutrient. The amount of each food will depend on how many calories you need. For fat loss you'll need to be in a calorie deficit and for muscle growth you may need to be in a calorie surplus. To work this out I'll do another blog post, but for now you could maybe start thinking about replacing some less nutritious foods for the ones below.


Step 1 - Choose a protein (largest part on plate) Step 2 - Choose a fibrous veg (second largest) Step 3 - Choose a starchy carb (more if my training increase) Step 4 - Choose a healthy fat (smallest part, used to cook with or drizzle on) Protein - Chicken Breast, Turkey, Eggs, Lean Beef, Fish, Lean pork, Protein Powder Fibrous veg - Broccolini, Spinach, green beans, Mushrooms, Lettuce, Cucumber. Starchy Carbs - Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Brown Rice, Oats, Wholemeal bread, Pumpkin Fats - Olive Oil, Grape seed oil, Avocado, Nuts, Flax oil. (Eaten with some meals just to reach your daily macro goals)


I will try and make each meal consist of one of each macronutrient above. I will swap fibrous veg or starchy carbs from time to time for fruit especially for breakfast. Once or twice a week I'll go out and enjoy a meal from one of my favourite restaurants or a new one. I believe it's important to still enjoy life pleasures, food being one of them. I find if you restrict yourself completely you're more likely to crave missed foods and give up. 85% eating well 15% enjoyment is a ratio that works for me.


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