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12 week strength program for sprint swimmers

Bradley Matthews 12 weeks strength program for sprint swimmers is perfect for intermediate and advanced level swimmers and lifters looking to take their speed in the pool to the next level.


If your distance is 50m then this program can help supercharge your swimming speed by improving your overall body strength.

Improving your leg strength can make you more powerful off the blocks and more upper body strength can make your pulling power unstoppable.

It’s a 4 x per week workout routine and a lower body/upper body split.

The equipment you will need for this program:
Weight plates
Resistance Bands
Pull up bar

Dip bars
Plyo box
Medicine Ball

What the program includes:

  • 12 week strength program
  • 3 blocks of 4 weeks programming (new exercises each block)
  • Explanation of reps, sets, intensity, deload weeks
  • Strength testing explanation
  • Exercise lists with video links
  • Warm up and stretching routines
  • Advice on exercise substitutions

12 Week Strength Program For Sprint Swimmers

  • PDF 

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