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Some testimonials from my amazing clients :)


Brad is a great trainer who’s really helped me get fit and kept me motivated throughout. I was at 15% body fat when I started in February last year and then dropped to 8% in just five months. Following that, Brad designed a new plan for me focused on building muscle, which massively increased my strength levels. 

Robert Hartley Bool 
I am 63 years of age. I have had Personal Trainers, Coach’s, Excerise Physiologists or whatever is the current trend for over 25 years. This gives me the qualification to pick a good one.  You cant fault the man on all aspects of the contract of Personal Training. Reliable, Recordable, and Creativity.  His knowledge and encouragement are 5 star. The Bradley Matthews Family you won’t be disappointed.

Warren Mcmillian 
Great training with Brad. He is informed, knowledgeable, supportive, flexible, always super prepared for each session, sociable and fun. He's on your side and he is keen for you to be the best you can be. Got a goal? he will help you get there for sure.

Nicola Bennett 
A great PT who challenges you constantly! Brad has helped keep me focused and pushed me to meet my goals. Highly recommend Brad as a trainer - he knows his craft well with aligning training sessions to each individual persons needs.

Melissa Moxon
I have been training with Bradley now for just over 12 months using his online training programs and I couldn’t be more pleased with the programs he sets up for me specifically based on my goals and what it is I want to achieve. Not only was I able to maintain the results I was getting from going to a gym and face to face seeing a PT ,Bradley helped me get even fitter and stronger from the comfort of my own home. As a busy mum and business owner I am able schedule my workouts at times that best suit me. If I ever have questions or need assistance on any types of movement’s he is always available to assist in proper technique. But the thing I think that sets Bradley apart from the rest is that he truly wants you to succeed in smashing your goals and is there to help keep you motivated.

Yvette Armstrong 
I was introduced to Brad from a family member as I was not in a good headspace mentally or had not done any physical exercise in 7 years.My first session with Brad who was very professional, knowledgeable and asked all the right questions to make sure he put together the right fitness plan for myself which was such a relief as I was clueless and outside my comfort zone in a gym environment. 
Brad has coach me for 3 or so months now and I would highly recommend him for anyone who is looking at loving there best life with a mindset coach as well as one hell of a fitness guru you can be sure to get the long term results you see others achieve but envy. Thanks Brad you really have changed my family's life by giving me the correct technique and tools to live my best life.

Anna Sharpe 
What I like about Bradley Matthews Coaching is that he makes each of my training sessions challenging but rewarding.  He knows a lot about good form and avoiding injury and gives lots of practical advice in a really clear way.  My strength and fitness has improved significantly under this training.  I have a lot of respect for him and would have no hesitation in recommending him as your personal trainer if you want to achieve your fitness and health goals.

Deb Cushing 
Bradley is an great trainer! He knows how to motivate people and understands that success is just as much physical as it is mental. When I started training I was recovering from an injury and he was very careful to work within my abilities, but also to challenge me to gain strength and become more fit. I highly recommend working with him!

Simon Dodkin
Bradley has been a huge part of my fitness journey, he’s consistent, motivating and he keeps me accountable and on track with my fitness and diet goals. I can’t wait to see what we achieve in the next 12 months!

Sue Rings .jpg

Sue Blakeley-kerr 
I’ve been working with Bradley for nearly 12 months, one on one and for the last 6 months I have been utilising the online program. This means even though I am no longer in Brisbane I still get great plans and expertise on hand when I need it. I have always used a Personal Trainer as I’ve never been comfortable going solo in the gym environment. However, Bradley has instilled a confidence that has me achieving some unimaginable personal goals. Some of my previous personal bests are now my workout weights. Bradley is very knowledgeable and instinctive in his approach to resolving any concerns I may have. I love the variation and challenges of all my plans. Also using an app to track it all in the gym is so easy. I am a very happy client


Elliot Nelson 
Since starting with brad I’ve achieved more than I ever expected. From adding 60kg on my squat 
to completing a half ironman, theres nothing this man can’t help you with. Not only a bundle of knowledge but a wonderful and genuine
person in every aspect. 

Robbie John Joseph 
I’ve had 5 different PTs over the years and Brad is, by far, the best. He is extremely knowledgeable and attentive 100% of the time. He always adapts to my situation, encourages me to set goals and keeps our sessions fresh every week. On top of all that, Brad is just a really nice person. He has been my PT for over 4 years and has helped me stay fit and feeling good as I push through my 40s.

Felicity Deane

Since moving to a fully online platform I have found Bradley to be every bit as supportive and motivating, as he has worked with both my personal needs and equipment constraints without limiting my fitness regime. I feel that Bradley cares very deeply about his client’s wellbeing, and as a result I would not hesitate to recommend him and his online training as a way to stay motivated and fit at a time when both those things are crucial. Training with Bradley has changed the way I workout and as a result I know my fitness is progressing in the right direction.

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