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5 tips for drinking alcohol without losing your fat loss results

1. Get your “moderation” sorted.

Some people’s moderation can be 4 beers every night or a few wines a night. This is not moderation. For me I limit drinking alcohol to the weekends and it may only be a couple, most of the time I’ll save it until special occasions or events.

2. Choose your friends wisely and learn how to say no.

Some people will resent you trying to improve yourself and will only pull you down with them. If you’re around people that are constantly drinking and pressuring you to do the same, then ask yourself, are these people that are going to help me reach my goal?

3. Count your calories. Apps like ‘my fitness pal’ are great for this.

Weight loss is mostly about staying in a calorie deficit. Alcohol is very dense in calories and also liquid, so it’s very easy to go over your limit. I recommend choosing low calorie drinks. Some light beers are around 100cals where as some cocktails can be around 500cals.

4. Don’t compromise your sleep.

Staying up most weekends having late nights can mean abnormal sleep patterns. Lack of sleep and lower quality of sleep can mean poor recovery. This is the last thing you want if you have session planned the following day. I’ve been there. Working out is the last thing on your mind when you’ve had inadequate sleep.

5. The best tip of all is to cut out alcohol.

If you’re really struggling to keep within you calorie targets. If fat loss is a high priority then ask yourself - is the alcohol worth it?


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