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6 life changing actions

Start reading - I used to hate reading when I was a kid. I had the excuse of "I just lose interest" or "I just fall asleep" or "I just can't take any of it in" these are limiting beliefs that may have came from school. However, once I found something of genuine interest I was hooked. I started to read about things that interested me. My first book was on personal training development. I took action with the steps in the book which improved my PT business. I then realised that books can be life changing, even just a sentence can adjust your perception of things in life. Now I have three books on the go on these topics; fitness, business and mindset. I set aside 20mins a day to read.

Invest in yourself - The best investment in my life so far has been in myself. When I was 20 years old I decided to take a risk and invest all of my savings into a business mentor. I even borrowed money off people and promised I would pay them back. I had this mentor for 8 weeks, who held me accountable and definitely took me out of my comfort zone. I saw a different perspective regarding mindset and business that changed my life. Paying a large sum of money motivated me to make it work. 6 - 8 weeks after the course I paid the money back to those I owed and I had a tremendous amount of knowledge that helped me achieve my earning goal. I constantly find courses online or buy books that will further my understanding in health and fitness, the mind and business.

Goal Setting - I goal set for everything including self, career, relationships and financial. When I'm challenging myself physically, goal setting is a non negotiable. If I have a plan I tend to be more disciplined and the end goal keeps me going when the training gets tough. This is why I choose challenging goals that require me to hold myself to a high standard, otherwise I could just slack off training and know I'll still mange the goal. Travelling and trying new things - When I was 18 years old I left home and travelled around Australia with a few of my best mates. This experience taught me many life lessons. It was taste of life without the usual securities. A lesson was that opportunities, results and amazing experiences can come from choosing to step out of your comfort zone. Trying new things is something I do for enjoyment and to increase my mental toughness. I've learned a lot through experience and I've also used my learnings to improve myself as a person, connect or to help others. If I'm not growing I feel unfulfilled.

Exercising and implementing healthy food and drink habits - I don't need to list all of the health benefits of exercise and nutrition - you can google that. I've always exercised and been into some kind of sport. I feel this helps with my mindset and just makes me feel good in my skin. Health is a value of mine and something I focus on everyday. I want to be around for a while and, if I can control any aspect that's going to help that, then I will. When I was younger I drank most weekends. I don't regret this as I have created some of the best memories. However, I've now come to realise that alcohol serves me almost no purpose. If I asked myself what I'm doing when I'm feeling at my best, it definitely wouldn't be the 3 days after a session on the whiskeys. Mentally and physically it makes me feel weak. I now drink only on special occasions or a casual few with friends. Not the amount that would impact my next few days and eat into my training plans. Find a good group of mates - All my life I've had a good group of mates. I choose wisely, people I trust, those that are honest and share similar values to me that also challenge me. I feel that your friends can be your biggest influence as you're around them most of the time, especially in your earlier years. I've witnessed people that have huge potential in life being influenced by the wrong people who stop them from doing better. I'm thankful for the friends I have, people that let me share my feelings and give great advice when I need it most and hold me to a high standard. I do my best to do the same for them. These are 6 life changing actions that I've taken. As I'm forever growing, I'm increasingly aware that I'm not perfect. There are some actions in my life that I've also taken which haven't been as good, but I learn from them and use them to my advantage.


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