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6 Steps to keep the fat off all year round by breaking unhealthy habits

I’m going to share with you a few easy things to implement today that will help break unhealthy habits.

I know that it can be hard with all the distractions and instant gratifications around us, it can be hard to stay on track with healthy habits, so what we’re doing to do is learn the steps in order to make this a simpler process.

Aside from looking and feeling better when breaking bad habits that cause weight gain, this can also improve your overall confidence and will give you the knowledge to help others close to you. If you take action on the steps below and apply them to one unhealthy habit at a time you will improve your body composition and fit into your favourite bikini or budgie smugglers before you know it.

So, I’m going to supply the steps so that you can look and feel better. The key to the steps below is consistency, focus on one habit at a time. This does not happen overnight. Keep at it and remind yourself why you’re doing it.

1. Raise awareness around your unhealthy habits

What unhealthy habit is stopping you from reducing body fat? 2. Remove the cues

Think back just before you perform the unhealthy habit. What are you doing?

Remove this cue.

(if you turn the tv on and binge eat right before bed then the TV maybe the cue)

3. Remind yourself of the benefits

When the going gets tough and you feel tempted remind yourself of why you’re avoiding the bad habit. Remind yourself of the benefits.

4. Create friction between you and your bad habits

If its ice cream you’re diving into every night or a few glasses of wine then don’t buy them. If your phone distracts you while your training, pop it in a locker. Keep unhealthy snacks out of sight, especially when you open the cupboard (maybe put them right at the back)

5. Replace any unhealthy habit with a good one (if you can only do one thing make it this one)

Water instead of wine

Workout instead of TV

Fruit instead of cookies

Cook instead of takeout

6. Tell your house and your friends

Get everyone onboard in the house or friends. Hold each over accountable and check in with eat other.

I recommend a book by James Clear - Atomic Habits (you'll find a lot of this information in his book and much more)


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