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An easy guide to tracking calories

The video below is a quick guide on how I use the app "myfitnessapal". This is the only app i've used to track my calories and macronutrients.

If you want to lose some fat I strongly recommend knowing your numbers, knowing exactly what your putting inside your body. You may think and say you're doing everything you can to shed fat but the measurements are not showing it. Tracking calories will tell you the truth. Awareness is key, and using an app like myfitnesspal does just that.

I don't track everyday, I usually track when I add something new into my meal plans, or my activity factor and goal has changed. If you're a beginner I would recommend tracking until you've built in your new healthy food habits daily and the results are showing. Video below. Sound on. Enjoy :)

To sign up to my fitness pal click here.


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